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Epi pen

I received a call today. I had to purchase an epi pen before my first treatment tomorrow. Has this happened with anyone else?

my little penguin

Staff member
Have they given you instructions on how to use an epi pen and when to administer it

Are you getting your infusion at a hospital clinic with doctors present ?
Typically if they are in a hospital setting they have vials of epinephrine on hand and don't need an epi pen
Epi pen is for home care


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My kiddo had two infusions of Entyvio (we had to stop because of drug-induced Lupus). We were not required to get Epi pens. Epinephrine is what is in Epi pens - it's used to stop an allergic reaction.

Usually hospitals and infusion centers have it on hand - I haven't heard of people having to get their own Epi pens before infusions. We were actually told that it's quite rare to react to Entyvio - it's not like Remicade, where allergic rxns are relatively common.