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Equality Act or Disability Act question for IBD

I am just wondering whether us UC sufferers are covered under the Equality Act or Disability Act whichever it is now called?

Thanks, Rick
Quick question, if anyone can help :)

Hi, I am just wondering whether us people with Crohns Disease/UC are covered under the Disability Act or Equality Act?

Thanks. Rick
I wasn't sure how to transfer it over here but there is some information about that under Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America's website. It says we are covered under the ADA. It says it is for people where their condition is disabling.

Hi Rick, I'm assuming you mean in employment terms? It depends how it affects you, but generally yes you would be covered.
Have a look at crohns & colitis uk online, they have a whole section about disability and what you may or may not be able to claim for.
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I can merge the threads if I know which way you'd like to go. However, this is a common question so I think it would be fine in general. But, would need a name change...

I tried to merge them into general but it wouldn't let me so am sticking here in UC...
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