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Erythema Nodosum ?

Hello people,

I had the skin lesions below multiple times. I found it under the name Ulcus, but there was no mentioning of it being related to Crohn's, until I found said image on another result that called in Crohnie lesions, and related to IBD.

Is that true? Does EN present itself as ulcers on the body?



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I don't recall ever having open sores. When I had bouts of EN, it manifested as hard, painful lumps in/around my knees - which started out as red and hard and turned to not so nice bruises.....the only thing that took care of it for me was going on prednisone.
I believe pyoderma gangrenosum can look like this. Some of the images make it look really awful but everyone gets it differently. Definitely something to show to your doctor. Make sure you bring in pictures if you can’t get an appointment right away.
Thank you both for the comments. I get flares of those ulcers. They leave scarring as well, which are very visible during the winter. Sometimes it's just an ulcer with nothing in it, a round, empty hole in my skin.

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See a dermatologist
A skin biopsy can tell you what it is or isn’t
Sweets syndrome is related to Crohns and can cause lesions as well
Biopsy is the only way to know for sure

Ds has Sweets Sydrome
Good luck
Yup looks like pyoderma gangrenosum to me. (not a doc though) I had them on both shins for one summer. Most GPs wont' know what it is and will not be able to tell f it will progress to the more awful kind that can move quickly and create terrible wounds in your skin. I agree with mlp--insist on a dermatologist and a biopsy.