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Ethan and mommy update -long

Hey friends, just wanted to touch base and update you all on Ethan's (3yrs) situation. Ethans colonoscopy showed possible early signs of IBD, nonspecific with allergic reactions in the large bowel.
Our treatment plan is to see the allergist and have a talk about diatary restricions, and sceond to treat him with a med that could cause sterility.
Ive been trying to pin point his possible diatary reactions, but some days seem so unspecific to anything hes eaten or driken. He continues to have loose stools mixed with d, but not so much pain....or atleast hes not too bothered by it at this time. I do see mucus but no visable blood.
I dont wan to give him those meds yet without trying other things first. I continue to pray for him and all little ones dealing with this.

I am scared for him, as I am going through all of this myself and have been for a long time. And because Ive suffered for so long with this disease, I just cant imagine seeing my child(ren) go through this. Its like inforation overload in dealing with my new diagnosis, now to have my strong boy going through similar issues is very scary.

Any suggestions for food choices would be great, quick snacks and substitutions that may have worked for your kids?

I am recovering from exploratory surgery where they cleared a partial block and took many biopsies of sm intestine, removed lymph nodes, gallbladder and hernia...so a lot of work. Im two weeks postop and trying to get a sense of normalcy back. I continue to have d with mucus and blood. I have some moderate pain at times that ranges from gas that wont move to sore uncomfortable back/flank. I really notice that my diet is altered because Im usually sick to my stomach. So I hope over time I will see improvment....I do notice I can go more easily now, whice is clearly a result of surgery.

So a lot on my plate, and what better time for all of it than right before the holidays. I pray that next year is a better year, because 2010 has been one of the worst years in my life, with the constant medical issues ranging from a new baby, to me in the hospital for weeks at time, to my son...its all just way too much for one year!! So, im ready for the new year to be here already. Anyway, thanks for all your ears...you guys and these message boards have made this past year a lot better for me. Finally people who understand and relate through experience!:ysmile:

Thanks for listening~


To save time...Ask Dusty!
Hey Bev, what is the med they want him to try? I wish I knew what to say other than maybe keep a food diary on him. I wouldn't want to try anything harsh either, especially w/o a dx. Good luck to you both!! I know you don't need the added stress in your life right now!!


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Oh Bev, I'm so sorry to hear that you are going through all this. Unfortunately I don't have any food suggestions but I hope and pray that more than anything you both find relief and peace very, very soon. Sending loads and loads of squishy hugs your way...........................



Dusty. :ghug:
What dietary restrictions are you looking for substitutes for? We eliminated all dairy and I was concerned about too much soy in the alternatives, but we found that many things have rice based alternatives- even cheese slices.