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Eventual proctectomy required with colostomy?

If you have colostomy surgery, and you decide to keep the colostomy, do you have to get a proctectomy to remove the unused colon/rectum/anus? What are the risks if you don't, and how long do you have to decide?

Thanks for any help!
I was told that after 10 years they advise you to get it removed. As there is an increased cancer risk beyond that. How much of an increased risk is anyone's guess. There are plenty of people I've heard of who got a "temporary" one and are still carrying on 25+ years later. So clearly it isn't necessary.
Ah, that's interesting to hear, and 10 years to decide (even 5) sounds like a good amount of time to see where one is at with the ostomy. I've also heard that they can just remove everything up to, but not including, the sphincter so as to have less risk of certain issues -- particularly in men.

Anyway, thanks friar tuck for the info, really appreciate it.