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Exercise after ileostomy surgery

So just under 5 weeks ago i had surgery for Ileostomy with being opened up and had my rear end removed also,yesterday i went out with 2 mates for a wee cycle and ended up doing a 30km cross country mountain bike ride,close to the end i was running on empty and did walk a section of the cycle as the hill climb was pretty steep,from 200ft to 1800ft climb,i was pretty fecked but after wee stops i recovered quick,plenty water and isotonic juice to keep hydrated,left my jelly babies at home,doh!!

Do you think this is to much to soon on my stoma or abdominal wound??not felt any pain yet and legs feel ok considering what i done,just dont want anything nasty going on inside and then its to late to do anything about it,my biggest concern was sitting on bike saddle for 4 hours after having my rear end operated on and removed,hopefully i havnt done any damage down there.

thanks for listening to my moans



To be honest it does sound quite soon to be exercising, it's safer to take things easy for a while. After I had a total colectomy I was told no exercise for about 8 weeks, and I've been told the same for my upcoming ileostomy surgery. In particular you're not supposed to do anything which strains your abdominal muscles. I don't think I'll be attempting to exercise as soon as 5 weeks, though of course if you find you're able to exercise pain-free and without feeling exhausted, there's no reason you should wait longer to exercise just for the sake of it.
to be honest my abdominal muscles feel ok and no pain but i did feel pretty tired but then again a was like that before surgery...might fone the stoma nurse and see what she thinks,


Talking to the stoma nurse is probably the best idea. Plus I should add that I'm not healthy enough to do strenuous exercise at the best of times, so it may be that I take a more conservative approach to exercising after surgery. If you're very fit and active usually, you might well be much quicker to heal and get back to activity than the average person.
Spoke with the Stoma nurse,she was a bittaken aback i did as much but said if i didnt have any bad reaction it would be ok,maybe do a smaller ride like 15k to start then upto 20 and so on,in truth the ride was stop start but took 4 hours in total,not the usual but we usually do more drops and jumps than distance,will cut back and just work on fitness for the next month.then get up and start some trail centres....thanks for listening unXmas...