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I have had Crohn's for 50 years with mild symptons during that time and a severe attack\flare once a year. I am 75 and whenever I exercise even slightly I have a flare-up.
Exercise even slightly: my recent flare was caused by pumping iron (25lb range) for 20 minutes and 10 minutes on an elliptical machine going slowly.
Flare-up: diarrhea and vomiting for 24 hours followed by a slow recovery.
My doc says it is due to irritating the scar tissue in my intestine.
Anyone out there have a similar problem?
It is not uncommon for physical activity to trigger symptoms or flare-ups in some individuals with Crohn's. Exercise can have different effects on people with Crohn's. For some, it may help improve overall well-being and reduce symptoms, while for others, it can lead to increased inflammation and discomfort. Intense exercise or activities that put strain on the abdomen, such as weightlifting, may potentially irritate scar tissue or cause inflammation in the intestines, leading to a flare-up. When it comes to exercises low-impact activities like walking, swimming, yoga and gentle stretching are generally recommended. Instead of intense weightlifting, focus on lighter weights and higher repetitions to minimize strain on your body. Or you can do tai chi or qigong with slow, controlled movements, deep breathing, and relaxation.
I have the same, although also have CFS and fibro. So unfortunately am hit 3x when I exercise. It can be very frustrating as GPs love to point out I'm overweight. But I'd say do what you can within your bodies limits. And possibly start super slow and build upto what people can normally do. If you can at all.
Trying to exercise is a challenge that I have been experiencing myself with my disease.
I'm not interested in exercises like tai chi or yoga. My passion is and will always be powerlifting and bodybuilding, yet, my body gives out on me each time I try to engage in it.

I believe it is possibly due to the fact that my disease is not well-controlled still. But who knows. Maybe if I figure it out, I can let you know.
Thank you both. It's a "damned if you\damned if you don't". We need to exercise but as my Crohn's Dr. said and Pug Gamer told me it can irritate scar tissue, which in my case leads to a flare up. I have switched to lower impact exercise (tai chi\yoga\walking) and less weight when lifting. I heat with wood and splint the logs by hand but now I only split one log per day and so far, so good.
Yeah not sure what it is, I was healthy for 3 years no problem on humira, started exercising regularly a year ago and every once in a while I get something that reminds me that I still have crohn's