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Hi all,
I have had chronic diarrhea for years and complained to the doctors and they would always blow me off as JUST having IBS. The part that really p***es me off is that I started gaining weight when the diarrhea started (I felt like I was starving all the time) and over the years have gained about 150lbs. So of course I get the "It shouldn't be crohn's because people that have it are really skinny" logic. I am so tired all time..I normally sleep 12 hours at night AND have to nap in the afternoon! I have headaches, pain on my lower left abdomen, nausea, cramps, and diarrhea that comes and goes. I live on yogurt and fruit and am still fat! I finally got a doctor to schedule me at a specialist for a colonocopy and am hoping for some sort of diagnosis. I am SO miserable and depressed and to top it off, my period starts this week which always makes things worse.........sick of being sick!!!!!:confused2:
hey sorry to hear that you are having problems gettin diagnosed, but im sure that getting a second opinion with more tests should help you.
Can i ask where you are from?
Hey there, sorry to hear you're having such trouble. It seems that a few people on this forum have weight issues going in the gaining side of things instead of losing, so I don't know what the connection is, but you wouldn't be alone in that problem. I hope the colonoscopy solves the mystery for you and you can get moving onto the path of feeling better.

:welcome: to the forum. :)
I am one that gains weight with crohns, no fun, as doctors do not seem to believe you, until the tests are done that is. So keep pushing the docs. Peggy
I've been a larger woman all my life. As an adult, the lowest I've gotten was about 218# (and I stand 6' tall) and that was after my first resection and about 3 months of nothing but Ensure. As soon as I was able to eat again, I gained all my weight back...and then some.

I am here to assure you that not all people who live with Crohn's are thin! My Crohn's is very active and I'm still on the chunky side (to put it nicely). Although, I have been losing weight since I started the SC Diet. Nonetheless.....

Keep your chin up.
I'm a Crohnie who doesn't have problems with being underweight either. I'm of an average weight for my height and one of the reasons I think it took so long for doctors to suspect Crohn's is because I've never had weight loss.
Feeling Better today.....

Thank you all so much for your kindness. I am feeling more positive today (thank goodness) and am going to call the specialist and try to motivate them. I live in North Central Minnesota, USA. I love small town life but these little "podunk" clinics they have around here do not exactly attract high quality health care people.....unfortunatly. I have a new symptom also..........I have recently started alternating between D and constipation. :ybatty:
Hi PeterickPaints. We feel your pain on the new symptoms. :( Nottttttttt a good time. I think continue to try to push for the appointments and tests that you need. It can take forever to get the help, but I hope that you get it very soon. Keep us updated. :) Nice meeting you.