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Exhaustion fron Infliximab?

I recently got on infliximab and have had my 2nd infusion 2 weeks ago. I noticed that I am fairly exhausted/fatigue every day (more so than when I was in a flare) to the point where I am just tired despite sleeping 10-12 hours a day.

Is this normal? Had anyone experienced this while on Infliximab? Thanks

my little penguin

Staff member
Your still in the “induction “ phase
Meaning the meds are working very hard to reduce the inflammation -hence the fatigue .
Once you get the inflammation under better control the fatigue goes away.
Typically once you get to maintenance phase (every 4-8 weeks ) some folks takes longer depending on how high the inflammation was to begin with .

for my kiddo once he hit maintenance at every 6 weeks he was golden

good luck