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Experience with ENTYVIO

Hello, my doctors want to start me on Entyvio and I’m a little nervous from all the infusion reactions and adverse side effects I’ve read. also, I heard it takes a very long time to experience any relief. Does anyone have any experience with this medication? Thanks

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Here is the sub forum where there are a lot of threads of entyvio
Hope that helps
I have been on Entyvio for the last 2+ years. I had a very fast positive reaction with an improvement of symptoms after 1 month. It took longer for the symptoms to completely withdraw. I had no adverse side effects. No extra infections, went through Covid on Entyvio as well with no issues.

I was very hesitant to start the biological treatment, and delayed starting it for years. I see it as a mistake now. I lost few years to Crohn's instead of following Doc's advise. This forum actually helped me make the decision and start the treatment.