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Experience with Remicade?

My GI is saying my next step is IV meds. He said that would be Remicade or Entivyo but that he would go with Remicade. I'd really appreciate hearing about any experiences with it. Did it help anyone who had no help from anything else? Any recommendations to go with Entivyo instead? Thanks so much!

Remicade in combination with Imuran worked awesome for me. Really decreased my symptoms (not remission but close) and the only side effect I saw was some fatigue

I am curious though, your signature says you are on Simponi, any idea why your gi would choose that? I have heard good things but it is a newer med, often doc like to try older mess they have more experience with.

On that note Remicade and Simponi target the same protein TNFa. That means there is a smaller likelyhood if Simponi didn't work for you then Remicade also won't. Not for sure just a slightly decreased chance. Entyvio is a different mechanism of action.
Thanks FrozenGirl I didn't know that Simponi and Remicade were similar. All I know is that he's prescribed everything in my signature and nothing has worked not even prednisone.
It does sound like a step up is needed. Remicade has a good reputation and looks of studies (including long term 10+ year ones) behind it. On the other hand Entivyo is rather new but with the different mechanism of action may be a good choice for you.

Good luck with whatever you choose.

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Also realize entivyo takes a very long time to be effective many months - I have heard up to a year .
Simponi is different enough that those who had allergic reactions to humira and remicade were able to try simponi

Ds used remicade and it worked well for him
He did react after 8 months but he reacts to multiple drugs food and bees
So not a good example
Remicade was wonderful for me. I was able to take it for about two years, I had to do 400 ml once every four weeks and it took a few treatments for it to get working but once it did the relief was great. For the first few infusions I was tired and achy for about a day after receiving the infusion but that wore off over time. Unfortunately, I recently had to stop Remicade due to developing a reaction to it (some swelling). I really hope you find something that works for you!!
I just started Remicade September 18. I'm also taking Imuran. So far I've seen no side effects except for some fatigue for 2-3 days after infusion. Therefore, I usually do them on Friday's and rest all weekend.

Good luck!