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Expired cort enemas....Please advise

Hello all. I have not posted in quite a while because things have been pretty good.........Surprise! I started mildly flaring earlier this week. This disease turns on like a light switch.

Anyway, I need to medicate with some enemas but realized my cort enemas expired in December of last year.

Can I still use? My doc is out till Monday and I need to put this flare down. Thanks.

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We've used expired ones before and found that they seem to still work (and don't seem to really expire). As long as they're still sealed of course. I'm sure some doctors would probably panic. But, I think you'd be alright to use some at least till you can contact your doctor.
A bit late now (just seen your post), but my friend is a pharmacist and she explained that (in the UK anyway) the expiry date is only the date that a product has been tested up until. So if it has only been proven to be safe for 5 years then that is the date they have to put on - it may be safe for longer, but if that is not tested and proven then they can't say that.

She said that if it is sealed or if it is a dry product (like a tablet) then it may be OK. Usually, the only problem is that the active ingredients can lose their strength and be less effective. However, liquids could become stronger if evaporation could have occurred. I would never use an opened liquid product that was out of date for this reason.


I was in this position and just chucked my bottles. I'd rather be safe than sorry but usually things like that last way beyond their required expiration date.
The enemas I had stated on the package not to use them if they had a color change from the norm. I personally would still use them, but would consult a pharmacist if unsure.