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Extra vaccinations due to compromised immunity

I had a check-up with my PCP yesterday. She's amazing. Her mom had crohn's and her daughter has RA, so she listens to me and never looks at me like I'm crazy.

She suggested I get a pneumonia vaccine (PREVNAR 13), she said she recommended it for her daughter, too.

So I did it. And my arm hurts still today. :( I don't like this one.

I'm on my 4th or 5th year of Remicade and I've been fortunate not to have been hit with any serious illnesses so far.

I don't know if the vaccinations work or it's random, or if it's psychosomatic. But I guess I'll keep taking them for now.
San Diego
I keep up on all my vaccinations. I've had both of the pneumonia vaccines, and I get a flu shot every year. I got the Shingrix vaccine, a new recombinant vaccine against the Herpes zoster virus to prevent shingles, just this week (my arm still hurts too).

Since I'm on a biologic I try to time the immunizations to occur just a week or two before my next injection of the biologic is due (when the drug is at it's lowest levels in my blood) in order to minimize any dampening of the immune response to the vaccine that the biologic might produce.