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Extreme and horrible back pain

I'm now 2 and half weeks out of surgery and have been having extreme lower back pain. They took out about a foot of small intestine. The back pain is so excruciating that even Vicodin isn't doing much by way of relief. I can't sleep, it's horrible. Has anyone else experienced this before? Thanks
Yes, they out be back in the hospital for 2 days and did a bunch of CT scans and X-ray tests to see if I have a perforation. They did a stomach emptying test and said my stomach is not emptying quickly but other than that nothing was abnormal. They didn't see any holes. They said I have H-pylori but that was it. I can barely stand up-right the pain in my back is so bad and in my stomach. I haven't been eating much either. I really feel like the surgery was the wrong decision. They said I didn't have active CD but had to take out years of strictures and stenosis. I called the on-call and they told me that if I am having such bad pain I should go back to the Emergency room and they can give me IV pain meds. I am trying to hold off until tomorrow when I can call my surgeons office again. My life is such a living hell right now.


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Something certainly isn't right. :(

Is the ER in the same hospital you had surgery?

Has the pain been present from day 1 post surgery or did it develop later?

Is it present all the time?

Have they also ruled out urinary or kidney infection?
Yes, it's the same Hospital where I had the surgery. The pain has been present since day 1 and is there all the time. It feels like someone put a sword through my stomach straight to my back. I am also very nauseas. I have been pooping pretty normal though. The CAT scan showed I have air and fluid in and or around my intestines so that is why they thought I may have had a perforation. They have ruled that out though based on the stomach emptying exam. I honestly don't know what to do at this point! It is going on 3 weeks since the surgery.
I am very sorry to hear you are going through this.

Do you have a fever?

How is your appetite?

Has the pain been worsening since the operation, staying the same or coming and going?

What did the doctors tell you the air and fluid around your intestines was from?

Hope you get some answers and relief soon.
No fever. Not much of an appetite but that could be to my stomach not emptying. The pain hasn't gotten worse but has stayed constant and not gone away- almost 3 weeks now. They really didn't give me an answer as to why I have the air and fluid around the intestines.
And what did the doctors think was causing the pain? Excruciating pain for 3 weeks sounds very unusual.

Was your surgery laparoscopic?
He didn't tell me. That is why I'm so frustrated. The surgery was not laparoscopic because he said things would not heal OK because this was my third bowel resection. It feels like there a golf ball protruding where my stomach and intestine meet. He said that was normal but the pain seems to be coming from that area.


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I hope you get answers and relief soon! :(

I don't have IBD, my kids do. The one thing that has had me taking the kids to emergency is pain I couldn't control at home. Given your situation I would be going to the ER.

The reason I asked if the ER is at the same hospital as your surgery is if you present there then they can contact the surgeon directly rather then you having to do it and the surgeon can see you there.