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Eye Problems


ele mental leprechaun
Anyone have eye problems??

This past week I have been treated for conjunctivitis of both eyes with an expensive eye ointment that turns to fluid once instilled (but looks like a gel when coming out of the tube) by the nurse practitioner at my surgery last monday. Will go and see my GP soon if there is no improvement over the next few days but was already at him because of guts this week and have ended up back on Cipro and loperamide.

Its not getting any better and I have been wrecking my brains to see what the possible cause could be..

Both eyeballs are painful and both eyelids itch like mad intermittently. Have stringy stuff coming out of them so looks like its an infection and both eyes are glued together in the morning.

Went out and bought optrex this evening to see if that would relieve it any and it helped for a while and washed some of the "stuff" out but am back to square one again sigh.

The only other thing I can think of is my time at the computer has increased because have been doing alot of documents at work this past 10 days and know when we use comps we dont blink as much so wondering if that has just triggered something and I have rubbed my eyes due to dryness and irritation that made it worse - does that make sense?

Anyone else any ideas?


I actually got inflamed in my eyes back in '03 and had to take steroid drops.
they were these milky white drops.
it's actually common with crohns, luckily it's only happened to me once.
I haven't noticed any eye problems, except for unusual dryness at times. I do have a few "floaters" which I had before Crohn's and they are annoying sometimes. They're little tiny pieces of cartilage, or something, that float across the eye and look like small specks of black in your field of vision.
I get occasional "dry eye" from spending too much time in front of the computer at work. It usually happens when I'm overloaded with work and don't leave my desk for several hours. Once I leave the office and go home it's fine.

The thing about pink eye that makes it tricky to treat is that you can keep giving it back to yourself or spread it throughout a household if you do not wash absolutely everything that has come in contact with the eyes before starting treatment-that means all sheets, towels, etc.
It should respond to antibiotic drops within 48 hours-if symptoms do not abate or if they worsen then it is time to call the doctor back-a different antibiotic may be needed. This is caused by a bacterial infection and occasionally it can be resistant to a medication.
Hope this info is of use.


ele mental leprechaun
Hi Ramona,

Yes I am aware about conjunctivitis and reinfecting again and its why I have been extremely careful, have washed everything, have thrown all my eye makeup out including makeup brushes etc and dont rub my eyes during the day, use disposable tissues to wipe my eyes in one direction and only one use etc.

Have basically tried everything I can think of thats why I posted to see if anyone else had any thoughts but you are very very right that I probably need another antibiotic or type of treatment. Just hate the thought of going back YET AGAIN!

Jvstin, I may need steroid drops as you had. Glad you havent had any porbs since!

Sojourn I get floaters still and have had them for years so know where you are coming from!!

KCMike I wish mine would settle once I leave the comp but have to say it does lessen in intensity so maybe its aggravating things more...

Thanks guys for your input I really do appreciate it.
I found this on a web page, but I have not used any of these methods for conjunctivitis. I never have had it. I have used Colloidal Silver before, and it does have bacterial killing properties and really cannot do any harm for this application. I also think it is the most likely to work fast.

You may have an eye condition called iritis or uveitis, an inflammation of the iris. Do this simple test to see if you have conjunctivitis or iritis: cover the inflamed eye with your hand and shine a penlight or flashlight directly in to your good eye for three seconds. If you do not feel any pain, you probably have pinkeye. If you do feel pain in your covered eye, you probably have iritis and should see your doctor at once. By shining the light in to your good eye, the pupils of both eyes will contract, and pain will generally indicate that you have iritis.

Colloidal silver Use a drop or two in the infected eye, or dilute a few drops in water and use as an eyewash. Colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic and has safely been used for a century. It should clear up the infection quickly.

Goldenseal This herb is especially beneficial if the conjunctivitis is caused by an infection. It is believed that the berberine in goldenseal is the active ingredient that fights infections. It can kill staph and strep bacteria, each of which may be a cause of conjunctivitis. Make a solution using 2 teaspoons of the herb to a cup of boiled water and use for a warm compress. May also be used as eyedrops, 2-3 drops, three times daily.

Good luck

Dan Bergman
Hi Jan
Unfortunately I have Iritis comes hand and hand with CD.I was on a waiting list for surgery.I had the transplant and about a year later the dam viris came back with vengence.If you check back on my posts about iritis you then can read up about it. If you ask me I will never have eye surgery again. Very painful and a long time to heal. Even then you have to wear a patch because the light makes it hurt or sunglasses.I had to use prednisolone drops white milky drops. It is prednisone but in a liquid for the eyes.I still have 2 stiches in my left eye from the surgery from about 15 years ago. So yes I walk around half blind LOL Cant drive car at night or in the rain see quadruople. Now my right eye has some kind of sist behind the brown spot in your eye(cornea) I wont go into detail about how they plan to get rid of that.
As they say blind in one eye and cant see outa th other eye.LOL
I also had my tear ducts close up so they had to cut them some how I cant remember but I beleive he also gave me a stronger antibiotic because my eye got used to it. Now this summer I had a little cist in the lower left eye lid she gave me drops which were a jel then went into liquid when it hits the water in your eye it is called FUCITHALMIC VISCOUS 1% FUCIDIC ACID 1% If you need more details just PM me

Goodluck Tammy:eek2: :yrolleyes:


if you do get any kind of steroid drops, hopefully this isn't the same as I had, but just a tip, in my experience being around bright lights for the first few days takes a toll on your eyes and it gave me headaches.
just a heads up, hope everything is fine or gets to be fine with you soon.


ele mental leprechaun
Hey Tammy,

The fucithalmic drops are the ones the nurse practitioner prescribed for me last week and I am still having problems....

My dad has something called Fuchs Corneal Dystrophy which basically means the cornea ends up with like an orange peel effect on the inside and the fluid in the eye pools as a result. This meant he could see fine one minute and 6 of everything the next and not funny when he was determined to try and continue driving at the time!!

He has since had corneal transplants in both eyes and had problems with some of the eye drops and allergies too. I understand what you mean about never having eye surgery again after seeing what he went through on several occasions.

Think I need to go see my GP again eh? Sigh...

Thanks for touching base with me I really appreciate it alot.
Sunday I woke up with a swollen red eye, today it's pretty red. I just started using contacts so I don't know if it's that, or if it's a cold (my throat was sore) or something else.

I did have an CD related eye problem a few years ago, but it cleared up pretty quickly.
i have problems with seeing trails when something moves in my vision quickly. like if i'm looking straight ahead at a stop sign and a car passes by quickly i will see the car kinda trail behind itself for a second.. very wierd. started happening after i took methotrexate for the first couple weeks.

i think it has more to do with eye fatigue though and looking at the computer screen too much. it seems to calm down when i havent used a computer in a few days when i have time off from work or something like that.


Senior Member
Wiles, sounds like an eye infection... possibly from the cold germs on your hands in contact with your contact lenses.. But I'm no eye doctor. Get it checked out.

brando... In combat shooting, when we saw trails behind/around moving targets, one of the tricks we were taught was to force ourselves to yawn, big time. this has the effect of forcing the tear ducts to wet the eyes. those trails are commonly caused by dry eye. Try it next time, see if that fixes it. if it does, then you should see someone to determine if you have dry eye, and if so, why

It could be med related, it could be drier winter weather, it could be from a mild fever... or it could be something totally different than dry eye. Look into it, OK

Finally, think this eye issue is going around. just noticed that everytime I look in a mirror with these eyes, I see an old fart looking back. Must be an 'I' issue!
It was an eye infection, it went away after I had some anti-biotic eyedrops. I had a throat infection too. Good times! They're all cleared up now though :)