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Eyes,nose,weak, fatigued

So this is crazy!! I'm on entocort and it's healed my butt problems but I'm left with all these other symptoms what can I do!! B12 maybe?


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Can you describe specifically what problems/symptoms you are experiencing?

How long have you been off of entocort?

It takes a while for steroids to work their way out of your system and many people do experience withdrawal symptoms after coming off of steroids. While entocort is a milder version of prednisone, you can still experience some similar symptoms both during treatment and after ending the medication.

Also, have you ever had your Iron and B12 levels checked? If ask your doctor to perform these tests as they are common deficiencies in IBD.
Eye irritation, sinus pressure, indigestion, and bad upper back pain? I stepped back up on entocort cause I'm afraid as i was tapering it was sending me back into a flare
Hi there I experience from the same symptoms myself, there were much better when I was on pred but all the symptoms came back really bad when I was tapering down. what's your dose of encort?