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Failed elemental diet

I gave been on a liquid elemental diet (VivonexPlus) intermittently since early December. Ten weeks was the longest time. I go into remission when I am on the elemental, but keep relapsing when I move to food: after two weeks on full elimination diet followed by one week of LOFFLEX diet; after ten days back on elemental diet followed by one week of full elimination diet; after one week on elemental diet followed by three days of full elimination diet. So, the period of time before I relapse when on food is lessening. I am back on the elemental diet again ( one week) to settle things down again. Although I am adding liquid TPN vitamins and minerals to the elemental diet, I am developing low iron, and some vitamin deficiencies, so I can't stay on the elemental diet forever. (Not that I want to!)

I finally see a GI specialist (not in the office) for a colonoscopy and extensive blood work in two weeks. My question is: should I start eating again to cause a relapse so that the tests capture my signs and symptoms? I don't know if I can cope with being that ill for the next two weeks, but I really would like the specialist to have as much info as possible so that he can help me.

Currently I am on no meds, just the elemental diet. I have ulcers in my terminal ileum--the doctor who did my first scope (not a GI) said it was Crohn's, the pathologist said it wasn't (but didn't say what it was), the radiologist said it was Indeterminate Colitis, and my GP thinks it is Ulcerative Colitis.

Since October I have lost 45 pounds and I have not been able to function normally. (I was overweight before and am now a normal weight.) I feel the best on the elemental diet. With the confusion about my diagnosis, the wait for a GI appointment to sort it out, a history of cancer and past reactions to other meds, I decided on a low residue diet and then the elemental diet to treat the symptoms while I waited for more help.

Should I try eating again?
I can understand why you would think about doing things to cause a relapse - so that the GI can see what is going on but my head is saying do whatever you have to do to keep yourself healthy... at all costs...
If you feel the best on the elemental diet, then I would continue with that...
Hey Keona,
Thanks for replying. I have started to eat again. If my symptoms become too severe again, I will resume the elemental diet. I go for more testing next week.

I notice that you are having surgery tomorrow. I hope that it goes well for you and that you recover quickly and completely.