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Failing Courses Because of Health

I am really upset right now. I am a full time student getting a degree in food and nutrition. This last semester has just been horrible. I went to the Mayo Clinic, got diagnosed with arthritis and fibromyalgia, have been to at least two doctor appointments per week, and have been struggling to stay out of the hospital. School has been so difficult but I have been pushing through and working so hard, but today I got the news that I am failing two of my classes...I have never failed a class in my life, the lowest grade I have gotten is a B. I know that I am doing so bad because of my health, and I just want to cry for a month. I don't know what I am going to do and I am so disappointed and heartbroken...all that work for nothing. I need some support right now...


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Oh essie :( I'm so sorry to hear that you are having a hard time and having trouble with school. Are they aware of your situation?

I can relate in some way, I had to leave my uni course because of my health, but hopefully I'll be going back. Here our universities have something called extenuating circumstances, which means that if an outside factor (health, family problems, bereavement etc) affect our grades, we put in a form saying what's happened and we get to have an extension on the work and / or resit exams, is there anything like this available to you?

Have a chat with your course leader and tell them what's happening and find out what support is available to you, there are all sorts of things they might be able to help you with.

Please don't give up hope, you are welcome to message me privately if you feel you want to. *Hugs*.
There is not really anything like that here, at least at my college. I think I'm going to apply for medical withdrawal, but it's a hassle and is so overwhelming to think about. Thanks for your support.


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Essieluv are you registered with the office of disability services or the equivalent at your college? They have really helped my older daughter. She has accommodations like classes later in the day (since she is in more pain in the morning), unlimited absences, extensions, more time to study for tests etc. She did have to miss a semester of college because she was just in too much pain to be in school, but now that's she's been back, her college's disability services has been very helpful. Her class dean and her professors are also aware of her situation and have been very kind.
Have you tried talking to your professors?
I will say that taking a semester off was one of the best decisions my daughter made - she really needed the time to get the disease under control. Things are MUCH better now that she is on the right meds.
Me as well. Getting documentation of all of my medical tests and procedures and having them in my file with the school has helped me tremendously. I first talked with my dean of students and then I also informed each of my professors. This semester In particular I reflared around valentines day. Missed a lot of class. Got almost caught up (teachers were very understanding) was started on imuran and after about 3weeks of slowly getting better my immune system was shot. White bloodcell count was basically nonexistent. Contracted a stool infection called cdiff which has same symptoms as crohn's so it put me way back in the hole I was calling out of towards recovery. I was in the hospital for a week and was taken off of the immunosuppressant and now I have a colonoscopy Tuesday and hopefully starting biologics (my new for of treatment that will hopefully work) soon once my white bloodcell comes back up. And they see what's going on inside me again. Sorry I needed to give a little background. I'm also ok Percocet so I'm a little spacey and tired too. Kinda fall asleep here and there. Doctor wants me off of it but I can't ween off because I'm in pain and I need to get on new treatment in order to get me better. Sooo rock and a hard place. Anyway. My college is a really small college and because I'm very upfront about what is going on with my health, keeping them in the loop and updated and such. The professors are more than willing to work with me. As well as the dean. Instead of failing my classes I can still work on completing them and I'll just receive an incomplete until I can complete all of the assignments over the summer. I know it may not work like this with bigger universities. But for me coming to a small university where I was an actual person as apposed to a number has definitely been beneficial because it's so much easier to communicate with the dean and professors and they are understanding and actually care. They want me to worry about getting healthy more than anything.
I'm in the hospital now.... My professors are great and helpful, it is just so overwhelming. My school isn't that large, so I think that helps with flexibility. I just get discouraged...
I'm in the hospital now.... My professors are great and helpful, it is just so overwhelming. My school isn't that large, so I think that helps with flexibility. I just get discouraged...

I understand completely. Sorry to hear about you being in the hospital. I was in a week and got out last Wednesday. Get better.
Thanks. I hope you are doing ok now? It sucks that we have to be hospitalized towards the end of the semester.
Same here. It is such a challenge....I've decided that in the future full time is not an option for me, unless I feel drastically better.
Well I was 18hours this semester. Started having trouble and dropped down to 12 which is the minimum for full time. Because I have to be fulltime for loans. Just have to have willing teachers to work with you.
Just an update from me about myself. Ended up in the hospital for a week and I missed a ton of school. I have to finish up my spring semester over the summer. Luckily I went to a small college and the teachers are understanding and care
I ended up spending a week in the hospital, too. I had to drop two of my courses and just barely passed my remaining courses with C- and B-. Ughhhhhh. I am so disgusted with myself. I am a perfectionist, so I am not happy.
I was in the hospital because I contracted cdiff after the imuran I was placed on tanked my immune system. My white bloodcell count was basically gone
Oh man, that's rough! I had a perianal abscess and was severly dehydrated, so I was on the observation unit for a week with antibiotics and fluids. I think you definitely had it worse than me, poor thing.