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Fails with other Biologics

Just started talking with my Dr about trying Entyvio because I have already been through Remade (two years of working then nothing), Stelara (apparently never worked for me) and, of course, all the other early diagnosis fails with Budesonide, etc. I have Crohn's only in my terminal ileum and it has not spread but it is causing a stricture now. Any advice, information or what to expect from Entyvio would be helpful. Feeling a little discouraged and fatalistic about even trying it after the other biologics don't seem to work. I read a little here where people said it isn't very effective for Crohn's in ileum so that was even more discouraging. If this doesn't work don't even know what is left for me other than steroids. I may need surgery anyway due to stricture and assume I'll still need medication even if they cut out where inflammation is now. If none of these medications help seems like I'm moving down the slippery slope of everything getting even worse.
No, it’s another anti TNF like Remicade so not sure if that is why my Dr hasn’t suggested that.
Often when people do well on Remicade and it stops working, Humira will likely do the trick. There are still a number of bilogics out there that you haven't been on so don't give up.
I have a good experience with Entyvio so far. What is interesting is that I knew right away, after the first infusion that it will work. Based on previous studies the majority of people start to feel better only after 6 months. I felt better right away, even though the improvement only lasted for few days. After each injection the improvement period lasted longer. I hope you have a good result as well if you decide to take it.