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Falling asleep at work

I work a desk job and find it very fulfilling. I have plenty of work to do and can self manage my day. I usually have "lunch" between 11 and 12 at my desk while working. Everyday I have to fight to stay awake in the afternoon. I literally fall asleep sitting at my desk while struggling to stay awake. I have tried drinks and snacks and changing tasks but I can not keep my eyes open. I usually get up and walk around, go to the restroom or get a drink, make a work call - everything I can think of and nothing works. This lasts about an hour every afternoon. Does anyone have suggestions or the same problem?? it has been happening for months now. It doesn't seem to be effected by WHAT I have for lunch- usually tuna salad (no bread sometimes crackers) or cottage cheese- not really a heavy lunch. I have had Crohns almost 30 years, multiple surgeries and take remicade 8 week intervals now. I just don't know what it is- But I just can not wake myself up and struggle at least an hour everyday. I take multi vitamins, B-12 and the doctor has tested and not noticed a deficiency. Has anyone had this problem? and how did you manage it ??
Fatigue is a tough one, many of us struggle with it. Mine finally improved a lot after Methotrexate was added to my Stelara. Maybe you need another medication along with your Remicade? Worth discussing it with your doctor.


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I have exactly the same problem, and I find that I can stay awake much better if I'm doing something with my hands - i.e. writing something rather than just trying to read something at my desk or sitting through dull meetings. Thus, I try as much as possible to schedule tasks involving drafting or editing documents for the hour right after lunch. It helps me a lot.
Maybe try a low dose methylphenidate or some amphetamine. Take it after lunch and it should wake you up until back home.