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False Positives - Blood Work Question...

anyway, the point of this thread is, i've seen many people mention WBC, anemia, CRP, ESR, vitamin b... but i've never read anyone mention their platelet count or false positive hep test, is there anyone else who can relate to any of this:

has anyone else here ever had a false positive Hep test?

before i was diagnosed with IBD... i once had a false positive Hep test... it was a nightmare!

i found out at a walk-in clinic, so the doctors i was dealing with didn't know my history... i remember asking if it's possible the result was a false positive, and the doctor said 'not likely'

what a dumbass! it infuriates me thinking about it.

so when the bloodwork went for further testing the result was 'inconclusive' and i didn't have any of the Hep antibodies (or antigens? -whatever) something like that.

i saw a GI, and he concluded it wasn't Hep. (also i had done lots of research and determined i must've had an autoimmune disease, i thought it was RA at first and then i got diagnosed with Palindromic Rheumatism - because of the immune system attacking my joint tissue but going into remission at times (years later, now it seems the joint pain was actually an extra-intestinal symptom from the IBD)

also, i have had a long history of moderately to severely high platelets.

my average count would be around 600 + .... but my highest was 1015! (<--- my doctor told me that's the highest she's ever seen a patient have) that's at the time i went to emerg.

also, my WBC was usually slightly elevated.... but the months before i went to emerg, my WBC began to climb.... highest was 24. i was also anemic.... and have always had all the other typical inflammation markers.

(actually, before being diagnosed, my very first visit to a specialist was a Hematologist - but at that time, my blood work results weren't as severe, they just said that the elevated platelets may be what's 'normal' for me)...
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ah glad i came across this thread!
my tests have come back with high platelets a lot too. i remember him saying it was twice as high as normal, but io dont know the numbers or anything.
im not really sure what causes this...i dont remember if he ever explained that to me but im pretty sure it is a part of the anemia. you end up with very low RBC and very high platelets.
high WBC is common with crohns i think...can sometimes signal infection, but i think it kind of just happens to crohnies for some reason even if theyre not infected anywhere.

well did i shed light on this or what? :D
lol sorry i couldnt be much help, but at least youre not nthe only one with these results and dont know what they mean!
well, thanks for your reply kello!

i know that i've heard the platelet count has to do with inflammation and blood clotting...

so i think it makes sense as to why it would be elevated...

i just don't get why nobody else really mentions it here... and i'm wondering why was EXTREMELY high...

maybe i had some internal bleeding so the platelets went into action? oh well.

i guess it's just us. lol