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Famous & inspirational people with IBD

There was a recent discussion concerning Steve Redgrave's success, despite having UC ( and diabetes !) which seemed to provide some assurance, and maybe even inspiration, to others with IBD. So I thought famous people with IBD might make for an interesting thread and perhaps provide encouragement for some of us when feeling down

I came across these websites



I must admit I don't recognise all the names but I'm sure many others will :)

The Queen Mother is in there, which must have been a bummer considering the lovely food she will have been offered, but I don't think she will have had to 'perform' much in her later years

Does anyone else think of the triumphs of others to help them remain positive?
What other 'celebrities' cope with IBD in their everyday life?
You're welcome :)

Maybe if we add them when we find out we can have a jolly good chat about how we could do what they do ;)


They didnt mention Elvis. Technically he died of constipation and perforated bowel. Now, not being a hunk of burnin love myself, I dont think I could do what he did!


Jeff Hordley - Cain Dingle in Emmerdale

Ken Stott - Rebus actor

Jerry Sadowikz - Scottish Comedian

All Crohnies!


Well Jet
All 3 of em look like they're licking piss off a nettle!

Maybe it's a Crohnie look! Hope I don't look like that!


Ha Ha Ha Bruscar, how are you mucker?
You could charm the birds out of the trees!
Flattery will get you everywhere, lol

You lot crack me up!
hahaha astra that was priceless "licking piss of a nettle"
im going to nick that one lol.....my fav was "a face like a well skelped arse" or "if i'd a face like yours,i'd teach my arse tae talk"until now lol cheered me up no end.....
I'm rather fond of 'I hope your next shit is a hedgehog' for those who annoy you. I did think twice about posting it on here, though, for insensitivity reasons!!!