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Fast heart with pred

Hey I have recently been put back on pred at 40mg for a week and then tapering for a flare of crohns. I am still in my first week but find that my heart seems to be going quite fast. When I went to the Drs the other day before starting pred my pulse was 111, I suffer with anxiety too. I felt very anxious before seeing the dr and think it was up due to that. I have started taking 40mg of propanalol in the morning to try and slow my heart rate which seems to help. I spoke to my ibd nurse and she says steroids can increase heart rate as can anxiety and inflammation. I think because of my anxiety I am still a little worried, I saw my gp again the other day after the beta blockers and my pulse was 70. Has any one else experienced this? Is it normal? I feel very stressed about this 😞😞 thanks in advance x
I am currently on Entocort and I have been on prednisone. It doesn't stand out in my mind of an increased heart rate. See if it continues and maybe call your doctor.
Hi, I have had palpitations on pred before, same taper regime as you. I seem to remember they settled after being on it for a little while.
Thank you guys for your replys. Anything to do with the heart scares me! Which probably puts my HR up anyway. I am seeing my consultant on Wednesday so will mention it to him. I've done a bit more research and it doesn't seem to uncommon for a fast heart rate with crohns flare thankfully