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Fatigue same day as injections?

I just had my initial four injections the other day. After getting over the pyschological aspect of stabbing myself in my stomach, not once, not twice, but four times, I had no problems. (I always had a home healthcare nurse inject my cimzia, so I never had to do those). All in all, just the same as lovenox injections for blood thinners, not too bad.

But..... I noticed about 2 hours afterwards that I was very tired, and felt a little run down. I layed down and ended up taking a "catnap" for about 90 mins, and felt much better after I got up.

Is this usual for Humira, or perhaps it was just my nerves?.....
Yup. I always do my injections just before bed, that way I sleep extra well :) Probably a combination of both, the antic...ipation and side effect.
I get tired after my shots, usually the next day for me though. It has gotten better the longer I have been on it, but I still plan for a "down" day the day after injections. I get nausea from them as well so have to take phenegren, that might be causing some of the fatigue.
Yes I have noticed weakness after my humira shots. I thought it was just me. I have a 20min sleep most days any how.