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FDA and CPSC Recall lists

My Butt Hurts

Is anybody else on the USFDA (United States Food & Drug administration) recall email list? I highly recommend it, you never know when something that you use will be on it. I've gotten emails about energy bars, prescriptions, OTC meds, cookies, anything that you can imagine might be recalled. Usually it's only one email every few days, but it was 1- a day during the peanut recalls.

Go to www.fda.gov to subscribe.

Also - another good one is CPSC (consumer product safety commission). They have recalls for power tools, gas grills, smoke detectors, TONS of children's toys/clothes, again - anything you can imagine.
Go to www.cpsc.gov to subscribe.

Sometimes it's on the news before it's on here, but sometimes not. Better to be safe than sorry.

My wife is on one of these lists for product recalls.

I think I will sign up just to see how often this happens.