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Fear of negative results? Seriously?

So I'm starting to think I lost it. Called my doc to let him know how the prednisone did little to help the discomfort, although it has opened my appetite and gave me a bit of a hard time sleeping since starting Friday.
So now, I have to up the prednisone to 40mg, go for more blood work, parasite tests, C Diff, what have you. On top of all the tests I did last Thursday.
Now, I'm kinda scared of the possibility of everything coming back clean. All the sudden, the most terrifying outcome for me is to be told nothing's happening. Cause I know I'll go home and wonder if it's real, if I'm making it up somehow. And there will be nothing to warrant that although my symptoms aren't nearly as bad as it could get, well, they are making life difficult.
No one in my family and friends really gets that you know? They all would rejoice. I feel it's gonna be hard to do for me, cause either I'm managing a small flare-up or I spend entirely too much time trying to figure out why I feel like this.
Maybe a nap will help! lol
You know your body better than anyone else. Have you had a fecal calprotectin test which measures inflammation in your gut?
Mellybean try not to worry, at least not until you get the results back.

I was diagnosed after years of pain and I felt as though no one believed what I had been saying.

It was nice to finally get a diagnosis but at the same time scary to know that there were things actually wrong with me.

I hope you feel better soon
No one in my family and friends really gets that you know? They all would rejoice.
Do I ever understand this. And when they do rejoice, it's like slamming the door on my fears and concerns. I have lived that scenario for a very long time.