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Fecal cal - available in Canada? Florida?

The fecal calprotectin is not available in Nova Scotia,Canada. I would like to get this test done as part of my complete baseline package of testing I will be undergoing over the next couple of months. Is anyone aware of other Canadian provinces where I can get this test done? I'm also travelling to South Beach, FL & would be willing to pay for the test privately in FL. Is anyone aware of a testing centre where I may pay privately for the Fecal Calprotectin test in Florida?
Ontario does it! Think the test actually gets shipped to Quebec though like the Promethus tests. My kid's GI wants us to do that next but it costs $. I'm hoping the hospital will perform it at SickKids and save the $ for me.


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My GI here in New Brunswick requisitioned one for this fall along with my pre-scope bloodwork.

Not sure if it is just specific hospitals that do it in NB or not.