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Fecal Calprotectin 1102

Hi -
I haven't been on here in awhile. My son has had Crohn's for 3 years now - he's 9. He is finally well-controlled on Humira and Imuran.
Now, the problem is my daughter. She is 11. She went thru a 10-day high fever. She had some stomach pain, and diarrhea, but no other symptoms. After a week of the fever, the dr ran a CBC, Sed Rate, and Crp. Both Sed Rate and CRP were elevated. They wanted another CRP 24 hours later to see which direction it was heading. It doubled to 100. Because of the family history, and no other distinct cause, they ordered a Fecal Calprotectin. It came back at 1102. When my son was so sick and throwing up daily for 3 months, his came back in the 800s, so I'm very concerned. This is also how my son started out - with a very prolonged fever. We need to make an appt with a GI dr. But I guess what I'm wondering.....is there any chance this isn't IBD??


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Well, it is possible to have an elevated calpro with a GI virus, however, I don't know if it would raise it that high. A GI infection maybe. Have they tested for any of those?

Honestly my first suspect would be IBD but I would hold out hope that it might be something else. Did she take NSAIDs during the fever episodes? NSAID use could raise calpro but again not usually that high.

I am so sorry you are having to face this again.

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Was she on NSAIDs at all ?
That can raise fecal cal

Fecal means inflammation but not from what
Could be infection
Crohns however would be on the short list as well

Yes, she was alternating between both tylenol and motrin during the fevers that were mainly in the 103s. They didn't test for anything else in the stool. Her CBC was normal though - no elevated white count or anything. I was wondering about the Motrin, but didn't think it would make it that high either.


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Well I know when T tested at 1150, she had taken NSAID's a few times the previous month due to headaches. They had her wait two weeks with no NSAID's and then retest. So I guess it can although I don't know of anyone who had NSAID calpro go that high. Retesting in two weeks is an option, especially if her GI symptoms seem to subside.


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For what it's worth, my daughters have been taking NSAIDs for almost 10 years because they both have a form of juvenile arthritis.

Older daughter does not have Crohn's. She is on Celebrex. Highest Fecal Cal has been 32 (we've done it several times after our younger daughter was diagnosed).

Younger daughter has Crohn's. She is on a regular NSAID (harder on the gut than Celebrex). Highest Fecal Cal she has ever had is 500ish during a flare.

So while they are both on NSAIDs, clearly being on NSAIDs doesn't impact their Fecal Calprotectin.

That said, people do have a high fecal calprotectin from NSAIDs. A GI infection could cause a high FCP, if that hasn't been checked. Though if she doesn't have diarrhea now, then an infection is pretty unlikely.

I do think you should prepare yourself for a second Crohn's diagnosis. I'm sure that's not what you wanted to hear :(. There are several parents on the forum whom have two kiddos with IBD.