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Fecal Transplant

Anyone do this? Seems to be getting some good reviews in the media for various
digestive problems.
its at the cutting edge of the technology right now......fectal transplants. Amazing to think that someone elses healthy poo could provide the answer to good digestion!
My daughter's GI has suggested a DIY fecal transplant. She was diagnosed 3yr ago and hasn't had a sustained remission since. Her disease is moderate to severe, she's tried/failed Remicadee, tried and not had great luck with cimzia, cimzia w/6mp. She's on 40mg pred plus cimzia now and we have an appointment with another GI tomorrow at her primary GI's suggestion.

The new GI is listed on the powerofpoop site, which is devoted to fecal transplants so I'm hoping we'll get the go ahead along with correct donor testing and transplant protocol.

Any info I get I'll gladly pass along directly or post to this site if that's okay with the forum monitors.
Thanks, Clash -- our appointment was amazing! The GI came in prepared, full of questions, answers and knowledge. Thanks for the link, too.

As long as our donor works out we'll be doing the transplant in early November. We need to wait for my daughter to be off of Cimzia for 2 months and tapered to 30mg prednisone per day.

I'll be the mix master and plan on practicing ahead of time to alleviate any newbie nerves when the time comes.