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Fed up

Hi everyone.

Sorry just needing somewhere to vent a little. \

I just came back from the hospital. I had a ct scan, I've had one before but never expected what I had happen this time.
They wanted to give me an enema for the Abdominal Ct Scan. She tried and we only go 1/3 of the bag of warm water in me and I felt so much pain she had to stop. The radiologist explained it was to have a better look at my large intestine, however I have had a colonoscopy in February that said my large was perfect, So I don't know if I did wrong or not, maybe I should of toughed the pain and went for the whole enema. I am so sad right now, I feel as if I will never get better and that they will never find what is my problem. The radiologist said I should have my results by next week, she will be looking at them tonight and will be getting them dictated early next week, everytime a doctor has told me that it wont be long it was about 5 weeks wait for the test results so I won't hold my breath.
Its been a good week now that I have been feeling very odd, extremely bloated and nauseated. No diarrhea because of the daily intake of 1 lomotil per day.
I am so wanting to cry right now... Watch the radiologist say that she could not see anything because I could not stand the enema.

Anyone have the ct scan with an enema.
Oh daunting poor you, that sounds awful. sorry I've never had that i've just had ordinary CT scans so not sure why they did that. I hope you get the results soon it's a real bugger waiting for them. surely the radiologist has still been able to have a good look at all the organs of the abdominal cavity even without the enema and surely as you know the large colon is fine try not too worry. All the best x
Thank you Archie,

I am still sad about the whole ordeal, I think more fustrated than anything though. I just want to feel better or have at least have hope that I will start to feel better one day. Yes it is true that I know that the colonsocopy showed a healthy large colon, but things could of changed by now. Oh I really dont know.


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Hey Daunting,

I'm so sorry to hear what what you have been through, that is just awful. :( I'm not surprised you feel frustrated and disappointed. My son has had a number of scans over the last few months but has never had an enema.

I hope the results show all is okay with your large bowel and you never have to go through that ordeal again! Good luck hun...:goodluck:

Thinking of you, :hug:
Dusty. xxx
I've had barium, IV contrast, and enema all in the same session for a CT, it sucks!! Sorry you had trouble. :(. Even if your scope was clean, something must be up if an enema is intolerable. Hope they can see it. :(
Sorry to hear you had a bad time. Cant give advice I'm afraid but you know we all wish you well and hope you can feel better really soon. :hug:
HI Daunting, i've had a barium colonoscopy before and it hurt like hell. when they realized the problem my small intestine was swollen and ulcerated they stopped the procedure immediataly. i hope they find out you condition soon so you can get some relief. best wishes.



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re CT scan--Daunting

hello Daunting,
Your name says it all.
It is too bad that you were not told what to expect ahead of time.
These procedures are more than unpleasant and I have had a few of them., some of which were quite unbearable., and embarrassing to say the least.
Try not to worry or blame yourself---it is not your fault!
It is interesting that you were unable to tolerate the water, maybe there will be reasons that show up in the CT scan.
It is still possible to be able to read the scan and so the report will show something.
Hope you soon will be feeling a bit better.
Thank you all.

Yes it was an experience I shall not soon forget. My GI doctor had said during my last colonoscopy I was in severe pain and had to give me another dose of painkillers. So I knew before hand that the enema would hurt, i even spoke to the radiologist in hopes that I didnt have to go through it, but she insisted it would help her with the diagnostics. To be honest I don't know why it hurt so much, was it me being nervous or is there something there. I've had two colonsoscopies so far 1 in April 2010 and another in February of this year. Both have come back with a clear colon and with small ulcerations of the ileum. So far with all the tests I've been through that is the only thing that has ever showed up.

I feel like I will never get better because they will either never find whats wrong or it will be too late when they do!!

Thank you all again
I feel like I will never get better because they will either never find whats wrong or it will be too late when they do!!

Thank you all again

(((CYBER HUG))) :soledance:

We all know that feeling mate :) Know it doesn't help alot but I myself get some small comfort from knowing there are those who understand my state of mind.

I think as much as my Mum tries to understand, she thinks me melodramatic when I say I will be in this state until the day I die lol.
Thank you,

It is good to know there is someone out there who understands. Its almost 2 years for me and I just want to feel better. So far every test I've taken has either come back negative, unremarkable or unspecific. The only tests that has ever showed anything is the colonscopy of my ileum, but my family doctor and my GI says what inflammation or damage I have I should not be like this at all.

Thanks again, I'm really at a lost.
Hi Daunting.
It's more than jolly frustrating and I hope you can find comfort in knowing you are not alone. I realise we are all unique but we all care.
I felt like venting today but reading your story made me realise that just knowing there are others on a similar journey helps alot. It dosent make ill health better or go away, but it helps.
Thank You Sparrowsfart.

You are so right it does help knowing we are not alone, but sometimes I wish people would stop saying its in my head. It can't be in my head if I am in this much pain. I am so hoping I can get some help, and that one day we will all get help and see the rainbow.
Yup, like my ex-GI told me to go away, tell myself tests are normal (they are not), and I will get better. 3 weeks later I landed in A&E with severe pain, so bad I was given oral morphine within 20 mins and hadn't even seen a Dr!

If anyone tells you that, be it a medical person or friend, just drop them for your own sanity.