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Feel Like I went Backwards

So I took my first dose of MTX this past Monday. the day's before I was flying felt clear headed, plenty of energy great appetite digesting everything I have a transverse colotmy.
After I took my first dose I feel like complete crap all week nausea no energy confused foggy head no appetite heartburn agitated all achey abdominal pain.
I did sleep all day monday and was nausea's and threw up that night.
Could I be having a flare from my first dose it'Sunday and I still feel like crap been feeling like this all week and also I told my doctor and he said keep taking it but I feel apprehensive about taking more I'm still very nausea's and heaps of heartburn I wake up during the night after dinner with bad nausea I'm going to my GP and going to get a blood test I feel upset as I was feeling amazing that day and then took my med's and feel like I spun head first into a flare or something.
I know it's been a while since you posted....are you feeling any better?

Are you also taking folic acid? My son will be taking his second dose of mtx today but takes folic acid every day as well as Prevacid.