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Feeling a bit let down...

So I've been on humira for roughly 1.5 years now and back in October 2020 by fecal calprotectin was 30. Yay, finally had normal labs & feeling great = clinical remission!! Fast forward to 2 weeks ago follow up labs, fecal calprotectin was 151. I feel well over all, just softer BMs.

I'm guessing this whole "3 steps forward 2 steps back" with UC is normal? I'm feeling super frustrated and stressed out. I was hoping to try to conceive soon and now I don't feel comfortable knowing I have simmering inflammation. I have already put my life on hold for 2 years since my diagnosis and I'm not getting any younger. I'm also due for a colonoscopy I later this year in Oct (2 year diagnosis anniversary).

I guess I'm just venting...you guys can understand me better than my girlfriends. My GI didn't seem to concern and is not planning on changing any meds just yet. He asked me to just start mesalamine suppositories at night and will reevaluate in 2 months. Of course he told me to call if things get worst and to try not to worry to much. My seed rate and CRP looked normal.

This feel like a punch in the gut...
Hello there - it might just be a very minor setback and I wouldn't worry too much. Your blood work is good and your are feeling well and you have spoken to your doctor about it. I believe calpro can fluctuate a little - it's not drastic. You have a plan with your GI and so follow that. You are following up in a couple of months so that is good. Keep us posted.

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Going with Same here
My kiddo was on humira for years
Gi never really blinked at 151 fecal cal
Just watched and it went down
Long May things go well
Thank you ladies for the assuring and calming words. I guess the engineer in me is used to focusing too much on the lab numbers. I was getting ready to put all my labs in an excel spreadsheet to track everything since I've been diagnosed. Lol

In my mind I'm ready to move over on to something else like Entyvio! I hate being on 4 meds at once...kind of wish I could just be on a biologic and that's it. Wishful thinking...

Hopefully things improve in the coming days and labs look normal for my follow up in 2 months. 🤞