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Feeling a bit lost, until now....!

Hi all, my name's Craig and I'm from the UK.

Firstly, I'll apologise for the possible length of this, I do tend to talk, A LOT!

I've only recently found this community and this is my first post, but I've been reading other's stories for the last week. I have already found it a great help so thank you to all those who don't even realise they've already helped me!

My problems first began in July 10, I was at work (a maintenance engineer at an engine plant, so very physical!) and out of nowhere felt a sharp stabbing pain in my lower right abdomen. At the time I was stood still doing some paperwork, and it was painful but bearable. Within 5 minutes I was reduced to virtually being on the floor as I had crouched so low to try and reduce the pain. After 45 minutes laying down in our emergency room I felt better and went back to work.

The reason I went back to work is I had an identical episode of pain at 13 (I'm now 27) went to hospital and it cleared after a few hours!

When I finally had an x-ray as my doc suspected gallstones, all she told me was "you have a significant amount of stool in your bowel, you're blocked!" 4 months later I went back to see her as was still having pain daily and alternate constipation/diarhea. She told me "you're still not eating enough", as I told her I have one big dinner a day, with light bits when at work as I work shifts and am a supervisor. It's hard to eat 5 small meals as she suggested when I'm at work!

I went back to the docs a week after christmas as I hadn't had a bm for a week, luckily I requested a different GP and he said "there's something else going on here and made a referal for a colonoscopy.

A month later whilst still on the waiting list I had another episode of the crippling pain. When I told the GP about the previous pain at work, he said if it lasts more than half hr to go to hospital. After half hr my girlfriend said "shall we go to A & E" but I thought no it'll pass, it usually does! After another half hr of writhing in agony, and her contstantly asking I agreed!

Got to hospital and had all vitals checked, and bloods done to check for appendicitus, which came back clear. The pain eased after an hour to a bearable state (by now the pain was a daily dull ache and wasn't always isolated to the lower right, and I'd had it for a month), I was discharged to wait for colonoscopy.

A week later the same happened, this time I waited 1.5 hrs in the worst pain I've ever known before going to A&E. 3 doses of morphine did nothing for the pain and I was admitted again. Luckily about 3 hours later it eased up to the pain I was now used to, I was kept in and had more x-rays, CT, and a 'water sol contrast meal & follow through' which they said showed "a possible narrowing of the small intestine". 6 days later after being told I was seeing the gastro specialist I was instead discharged and told by the consultant "colonoscopies are not done by many people so its difficult"!

It's now 2 months later, I've had normal colonoscopy and am waiting on the follow up this Tuesday. Although the colonoscopy was normal I know I'm not! I now have daily diarhea, anything from 1-7 times, still have the daily achy dull pain, have noticed undigested food in my stool (somedays looks like I've emptied my dinner plate into the toilet!), have lost more than 2 stone in weight in the last year, have sharp stabbing pains randomly that can be anywhere in my gut, general discomfort after eating, and wake up everday regardless of what I eat in severe pain, pretty much always on my lower right side, which tends to ease up as long as a can have a bm in the morning!

Thats my story so far, I've left out some detail and info as it's already long enough me thinks but thank you to anybody who made it through and to all the others that have already helped without knowing it!

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Hi Craig. A normal colonoscopy doesn't really mean a great deal with Crohn's as it can hit anywhere in the digestive tract. The poss narrowing in the small bowel however says something is going on. Sharp pains which go away after a bit would suggest gallstones if it was in upper right quadrant not all over.

Are you on any meds?


Hi Craig and welcome.

Yeah, what she ^ said! Follow up on that narrowing, it's likely the cause of all your pain and troubles.

Hopefully you can get on a med soon to get you feeling better. Seems your incidents are coming more frequently now.

- Amy
Hi to you both, thanks for a speedy reply!

I've been prescribed buscopan and mebeverine to cut down on the spasms, and tramadol for the pain. I only take the tramadol if the pain is severe though as it seems to make the constipation a whole lot worse! Luckily I haven't had a severe bout of pain since my lost hospital visit, just the everyday pain which I'm used to by now!

I don't know if it's a coincidence or not but since I last came out of hospital I've been on reduced hours and light duties at work. I just wish I could think of a reason as to why my bowels are punishing me so much, am so glad I found this place already!


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Hi Crag and welcome! I am so sorry you aren't feeling well. I hope your docs can get to the bottom of this and get you feeling better real soon. Keep us posted on next week's follow up!
No I'm not feeling well but not anywhere near as bad as some on here, so please don't use up too much sympathy on me, I'm only small! lol

I'll get on here after my appointment, I have a feeling a may want to rant a little as I'm not too impressed with my consultant so far!

I've got my symptoms list armed and ready, and I'm gonna lock onto him with some good questions with info I got from here!

My main one being that a pill cam sounds right for me, I want it I want it!!!

Don't mean to sound like a kid in a sweet shop, it's just so frustrating not knowing whats going on and therefore being able to deal with it!

Hope you all have as good a weekend as possible.


Hiya Craig
and welcome fellow Brit

If you don't get any joy with your consultant, go back to your GP and ask for a referral to another hospital/specialist. You don't have to stick with him just cos your GP said so.
A new govt initiative came out in 2009 that says you have a right to chose your own hospital/specialist.


It IS so frustrating, been there done that!
good luck with your appt, kick some arse!
lotsa luv
Joan xxx
Hi Joan nice to meet you.

Thanks for that bit of info, I've seen people on here from the UK that say Addenbrokes has a very good specialist there with a few IBD nurses as well. I'm definitely gonna pursue that if I don't get some decent answers on Tuesday.

I've tried the nicely approach and not making a fuss believing I was in the right place, but now I need to be more forceful with them I feel! As you're from the UK I just wanted to ask if you've had the pill cam? I'm not sure how easy it is to get over here, and have no idea what the consultant will say when I ask him! Any info at all would be appreciated muchly! I'm slready so much happier that I found this community, there's so much info on here and so many decent people that I already feel at home and less lost!

Fingers crossed for Tuesday, I hope you all have a good weekend, at least as good as possible, the sun's meant to be shining so there's one positive!
Watch this space....!


Hiya Craig

No sorry, I've not had a pill cam but loads on here have. Type it into the Search button for recent threads on it.
Glad you feel at home, loads of friends here for you!
You have a good weekend too