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Feeling awful

Hello all,
Quick run down of history, August 2018 is when symptoms started, weightloss, joint pain, loose pale stools, abdominal pain.. January 2019 bleedjng with every bowel movement increased pain now in lower back, clear sigmoidoscopy and endoscopy, Oct 2019 still bleeding with yellow / peanut butter coloured stools with mucus. They have ruled out Gallbladder, liver, pancreas.2 weeks ago I had a colonoscopy which was also clear! Got urgent referral now to GI, yesterday I had abdominal and pelvis ct with contrast... could this show issues in small bowel / inflammation? Sometimes I’m going 7 -8 times a day with urgency but only bits of mucus coming out, then other times I get constipated ! I feel very dizzy and disorientated and I can’t concentrate at all ( brain fog) my calprotectin was normal. Only inflammation marker is ferritin at 400. Gp said about possible crohns in small bowel illieum where colonoscopy couldn’t reach ?i noticed that smoking cigarettes stops the bleeding? No idea if it’s related . My whole body hurts , I can’t press on sides of abdomen as very painful .. I guess if ct is clear next step would be pill cam / small bowel mri ? Sorry for long post