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Feeling crap

So I had my ileostomy done about 1.5 weeks ago also they removed my rectum and anus as they were the worst parts.

Anyway I feel like crap I;m on antibiotics still I'm all bloated I have output ut it varies day to day, I just had a drain removed from the left side of my abdomen on friday.

The thing is I'm all bloated the pain is there but given it was major surgery I can understand that part and I just feel like crap.

Did you feel like this after surgery or did it take a while to recover from it and how long will this last
I have no experience of this particular surgery, but after small bowel surgery i felt bad with pain for 2 weeks, then things improved in a very positive way. Dont hesitate to ask your doctors and surgeon if it's all normal, but i think bloating may be positive as it could mean your bowel is moving and adapting to his new shape.
Everyone is different . I had my terminal ileum and a small part of my colon removed seven years ago . It felt like it took three months afterwards for things to settle down. I hope you are feeling better real soon. Sending support and prayers.


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Major surgery takes awhile. I had part of my large bowel apendix and some small bowel removed and there was active infection going on with fistulas on my rectum. It took months to recover, left me with a stoma and the day nurse had to change the packing to heal up the fistulas for close to 4 months.
I think your doing okay, since you don't have issues with infection.
Thanks guys for the help and support.

I think I'm just hard on myself and expected everything to magically be better after the surgery.

But yeah everyone is surprised that I can walk up and down stairs with no issues at all I actually walk the stairs at home as much as I can to wake my guts up.

Today I feel like death warmed up though I'm all sore and tired even though I got a good night's sleep guess I have to take it easy for a whie at least sucks cause I can't sit still I love to always be doing something and feel like that now might do a jigsaw puzzle
or something