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Feeling Depair

Hello everyone,

I am overwhelmed by a sense of despair. I have Behcet's disease (some specialists at the same hospital insist I have Crohn's instead). My CRP has steadily increased over the last five months. My GI of more than 20 years has left practice. At the appointment, the new GI/Division Head for the region told me that although my CRP is high, it is insignificant relative to that of patients who have a CRP of 100. He stated several times that my scope was normal one year prior. After the third time he said that, I said, "Are you suggesting that it is not possible for a patient's medical status to change within a 12-month period." He confirmed that was the case.

What's a patient to do? The exchange felt biased and insensitive, and overall, I felt dismissed. Almost 30 years of experience with Behcet's/Crohn's and having been shockingly ill more than a few times has led me to believe I'm in medical trouble. (BTW, I had requested a different doctor in the GI unit when I learned my own GI would be leaving. And no other doctor in the region will assume a Division Director's patient). Why must some patients become critically ill before care is provided? Isn't it better for patients and and the system to preempt critical illness?

I have a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. I don't know what to do and would appreciate any feedback you may be able to provide.


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To suggest that colonoscopy results cannot change within 12 months is nonsense. Crohn's disease can progress a lot faster than that sometimes.

I don't know what to say except that you have got to figure out a way to get a new doctor, preferably an IBD specialist. Where are you located?