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Feeling down

Hi guys,

Well Im really starting to get over being sick I have improved heaps on the Crohns front since my little flare over xmas/new year but have been really struggling with sinus since going on 6mp. My GI says he doesn't think it would be the 6mp causing my sinus issues as Im only 50mg at the moment so it wouldn't be lowering my immune system that much. I haven't had sinus issues for 3 years then once I started on these drugs I got it back again and it hasn't gone away. I have been on 3 lots of antiboitics and am going back to my GP this arvo too see what can be done again as Im struggling again with it and feeling like crap.

I was meant to start back at work today after xmas holidays but has to call in sick :( I just have no energy to even consider working my whole body aches.

Also worries me that I went away last week to visit a friend and I had no issues with my crohns (no pain or runs) but now that Im back to reality I have noticed a slight dull pain in my right side of my abdo and I had the slight runs yesterday. Im not sure if the stress of coming back to everyday life has cause it to present itself again or what... very strange.

Sorry to blabber on Im just really frustrated and needed to get it all out. Thanks for listening it means a lot.

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Hi Tan, I know exactly how you feel, I have been the same way., I know we try to wonder what we did, or ate, but this disease is a 'No rhyme or reason" disease. 6Mp could be causing you some grief, I was on low mgs too but within a week it affected me bad. So I went off. That was last year. Everyone has there ups and downs sooner or later, just wish it wasnt so often. Venting is aloud! You are forgiven! Hope you feel better to, and me too!
Hey Tan....wondered where you went!! Did you start out with a cold and then have it turn into a sinus infection? I'm just wondering because I've been struggling with sinus issues this past year. Got tested for allergies and everything and it came back negative. My nose just feels itchy a lot and for the past week I've been kinda of thinking I might have an infection, but not sure. Irritating.

Anyway - keep an eye on that pain (ohhh, that we could literally keep an eye on it - that would be nice!!!!) - don't let it get too bad before seeing the doc again. Hopefully you'll feel better soon!
Thanks guys... peaches it was lovely to get away for a week my friend lives on a really nice beach so it was sun, surf and sand for a whole week.. I was in heaven. I was antiboitics while away and have only been off them 4 days and feeling like shit. I didn't get sinus from a cold it seem to just start from no where around the same time I started 6mp but could just be bad timing. Haven't gotten rid of it since just kinda eased up while on antiboitics. Its a really pain because it actually upsets my stomach as I have heaps of crap dripping down the back of my throat and feels like its stuck in the back of my throat... makes me want to be sick not a nice feeling which in turn makes me think bout my crohns cause its kinda how I feel when flaring only minus the sinus crap in my throat.

Will def keep a close eye on the pain as I was only thinking a few days ago that I had no pain for over a week which was a great feeling. I only went to my GI yesterday saying that my crohns good at the moment minus the mini flare at xmas and he said he was happy with my progress and we left it at that. He did say to get on top of my sinus and he was going to research any link between sinus and immune suppressent drugs but didn't think there was one. Then last night I went down hill and started to get slight pain and my sinus increased really bad :( Not fun at all... just hate feeling like this all the time. Thanks for listening
Hmmm, wasn't it you that had the issues with the antibiotics and your gut?? Didn't they switch you to a different antibiotic? I hate that you are having to go on multiple courses of those - it can really mess with your gut!! Well, I hope they can figure out something for you so you can get rid of it - sounds nasty with the post nasal drip!
Yes that was me.. got my antibiotics changed over as they thought they were causing my crohns to flare. Once I went on to the new drugs things seemed to settle down very quickly and then the last week I have been great with both sinus and crohns. Then stopped the antibiotics a few days ago and bam back to being really sick again with sinus symptoms plus some of my crohns symptoms have started to appear which Im not sure if sinus can cause that but I suppose so if its dripping down the back of my throat and upsetting my stomach! So hard when you have crohns to figure out what is going on with your body. Like at the moment my body is aching and so is my joints.. the last few weeks my joints had settled down after being prescribe mobic, so I would say at the moment the sinus is causing all sort of weird and wonderful things to go on with my body.. which sucks. Im going to see my GP if she will write a doc certificate so I can have the rest of the week off to rest and get on top of it all, I don't think it will do me any good to push through it all and over do it.
I would have your doctor check for Clostridium Difficile Colitis (C. Difficile).

It can occur during or after antibiotic use. The flu like symptoms sound about right.
The sinus thing is not typical, but that could be something unrelated.

Thanks I suppose its something to think about. I looked it up and one of the medication they prescibe is Flagyl which I used to take as I always got a bacterial infection in my bowel can't remember what its called. I never got rid of the parasite it still comes back positive everytime they test me. But I think it doesn't do much and this whole time they have been treating me for that I actually had Crohns.
Hi Tan, I also wondered where you had gone! I am glad that you enjoyed a nice relaxing holiday! Sorry you are feeling rough. As you said, it is so hard to know what is Crohns and what is other things happening. I hope you get some relief soon and back to your usual happy self! :)
Oh guys Im glad everyone missed me... feel the love!! :) I had withdrawals from the forum while away wondering what everyone was up to etc.

I managed to get some food down at lunch time so thats a win for me.. seem to have lost my appetite just not sure where it has run off too! Can't wait to find it again... hope its soon. xxx
Sorry to hear about that Tan. :(
Have you tried any sprays for your sinuses? I find that often works best for me, i constantly struggle with sinus problems. Another thought, have you ever heard of a neti pot? They're little teapot looking things that you use to pour water into your sinuses, can really help clear them out. I find mine really helps. Sometimes it takes a few days for it to penetrate the nastiness, but it starts to work better after a few days. ......Hope something helps! :(
Thanks guys no haven't heard of neti pots I wonder if you can get them here in OZ will have to check that one out. My doc put me back on antibiotics and said if this doesn't work then we will have to send you to a specialist.. yah another one to add to the list!! He also told me to get a sea salt nasal spray and I have already been using another sinus spray so hopefully with all that I might get on top of it. I have taken the rest of the week off so I can rest and get on top of it all otherwise I will just be run down and non productive at work anyway. The doc said to me at least your sinuses are draining and not blocking up cause I really bad infection... Im like yah for me they drain right into my stomach which in turn makes me throw up... gezz Im blessed. I know its better that they don't get blocked up but its just horrible having post nasal drip all the time. Thanks guys for all your input and kind words.. its soooo nice to be able to talk to others... even tho its not about crohns at the moment sometimes its hard cause everything just seems to link together with Crohns.
Hi Tan, I'm sure you can get a Neti Pot or something similar in Oz, I have definately heard of them here in NZ. However, when I had my nose operation because one of my sinuses had completely closed over (ewww), I just used a squeezy bottle to squirt the water up. It's rather unpleasant, especially whne it comes out the other nostril, bit it definately hekp! My chemist gave me some solution stuff to use but I hear salt water works well too.
Thanks Shaz will give the salt water spray a go and see just looked on the net and found the neti pot so if the spray doesn't help will look into buying one of them to try. Oh you poor thing you must had very bad sinus problems.. I have only been having issues last couple months and already over it.
hah, actually I didn't really have any major sinus issues! Actually I orignally had to get a nose operation because I hit myself in the face with a door and buggered my septum. So I had trouble breathing properly - was yucky really and the op was no fun at all because I am apparantly what they call an 'obligate' nose breather (this is what babies are until a mechanism kicks in to mouth breathe), which means that I cannot properly breathe through my mouth, so having my nose COMPLETELY blocked off was very distressing.

A couple of years after that I was feeling all numb on the side of my face, along with some other weird symptoms so they sent me for a brain scan. Turned out my brain was fine but one of my sinuses was completely full solid with stuff. Apparantly some scar tissue had formed over the hole. It was only a wee operation and I actually got all my wisdom teeth out at the same time. I remember in my drugged state afterwards i asked to see the stuff they'd taken out of my sinus and they were a bit puzzled that i would want to see it. I was disappointed at the small amount but maybe they only kept a wee bit to test. They threw out my teeth too! :(
I would really recommend a ceramic neti pot over a plastic one, if you do get one.

I'm headed to an Ear Nose Throat specialist myself for my sinuses...I've been dealing with chronic sinusitis for about two years now, with some relief here and there, but on the whole, it's pretty much always really clogged and i deffinately also deal with the post nasal drip. I had a CT and i'm all full up, so we'll see what they can do.

Hopefully something helps quickly though,a nd you can go back to feeling 'normal' again!
Thats the thing that I don't get I don't think Im really clogged up cause I don't have much pressure in my sinuses they don't hurt to touch and I can breath most the time out my nose but I have extreme amount of post nasal drip have to keep swollening otherwise I gag on it in the back of my throat.
shazamataz said:
A couple of years after that I was feeling all numb on the side of my face, along with some other weird symptoms so they sent me for a brain scan. Turned out my brain was fine but one of my sinuses was completely full solid with stuff. :(
Shaz - well at least they confirmed you have a brain!! Ha..ha.. :ylol2: