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Feeling frustrated

I am really tired of being "sick " on top of Crohns I have fibro, arthritis, high blood pressure so it just seems like I cant have more then a couple days when I don't hurt somewhere and of course I have to deal with bathroom issues everyday. I just had my remicade infusion last Friday and now I have a sore throat, cough and runny nose I am hoping it doesn't turn into another sinus infection like all my other colds. Sorry to be complaining but some days it just really gets to me. Thanks for listening to my mini meltdown.:yfrown:


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I understand what you mean. A lot of us have more than just IBD. It sucks. I've got my fair share too (see my sig) and dealing with all that stuff and then maybe have a dumb cold, infection or whatever just seems like a slap in the face. Hope the Remicade works out for you and you'll go in remission soon! Something to look forward to always helps pick up your mood. :)


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What Crabby said. I think most if not all of us are juggling multiple illnesses and it can get overwhelming at times. And just when one of those illnesses gets under control, it seems like another one goes haywire. Personally I got my IBD into remission a while back, but then I got hit with arthritis, and lately my GERD is going crazy. Oh and I have benign tumors on my liver too which we have to keep an eye on. We always have to be on our toes when dealing with multiple illnesses like this! It's never easy, it's never fun, and it can be exhausting and overwhelming at times. Hang in there - I hope the Remicade brings you some relief from at least one of your many illnesses, and I hope the cold goes away without turning into something worse too.