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Feeling Like I Have to Poop

I had my surgery last year (05/12/15) and I had my entire colon removed, along w/ my rectum. I've noticed though that I get pressure where my rectum used to be, and it feels like I have to go to the bathroom. I'm not sure if "phantom" feeling applies here or not. Anyone else have this?
I haven't had my rectum removed but I have heard of others that have phantom pains there. Remember that the nerves that run from your colon/rectum and end at your brain still are there(I'm simplifying the biology). There is mirror therapy for those with missing limbs that is used to retrain the brain and alleviate phantom pains. Can't imagine this being adapted to phantom rectum pains :ywow:

Mirror therapy


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Have had sigmoidectomy last September....often have the same type of recital pain and urges...also occasional very sharp,unbearable rectal pain.
Will. Find out more when I see the GI on Wednesday June 8th this week.
Feel better soon