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Feeling 'Normal' for the first time in 20 years

Ive been suffering from Crohns Colitis for 20 years now and have been on various medications over the years without success buy finally for the past year I feel normal with no symptoms of the disease.

I just been to my Gastro Consultant at the hospital for the results of my recent MRI scan and he confirms that there are no signs of the disease. I am glad but am also vary that I could be in remission and it could return at any time.

I am currently taking 5mg of Methotrexate once a week together with 5mg of Folic Acid every 2 days. I started off at 25mg but the side effect of Nausea was bad and it was reduced to 10mg.

Anyone else had any success with Methotrexate and did it last long?


I've been on mtx for about a year now. I have had two re-sections, in 20 years, hopefully the last two and it still ulcers in the ileum were coming back.
So GI, said we do not want more surgery so suggested Remicade, but I did not get approval from the Ontario gov, so went on mtx instead. Started with 1cc/25mg mtx, lots of nausea, weakness, tired, now down to 6/10 cc injection once a week. I take 5 mg of folic acid two days after my injection. Apart from nausea and mouth ulcers, CD is under control. Diarreha is under control with one pack of olesytr lite (cholestyramine) mixed with OJ, at lunch time