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Feeling odd lately

I have a lot of stress going on in my life right now. I don't necessarily feel like I am on the verge of of a flare, but definitely have some odd things going on.

-I don't drink a lot, but when I do I feel like I either never really feel drunk or I get drunk super fast...like there is no in between. Usually I don't really feel drunk. Maybe buzzed at first, then nothing.

-I do walk more at work than before, but not twice as much even. Still I am slowly losing weight. I eat the same as before and even more at times, but still my weight stays the same or is less. I have had people comment on the fact that I have lost weight. I wanted to lose a few pounds so I'm happy about that, but never just dropped weight unless flaring.

- I get more sleep than I have in the past...but still I am tired. I figure this is just stress.

- I feel emotional at times...like overly emotional. Usually I am pretty even keeled.

Could this be some other underlying issue, perhaps a vitamin deficiency? I just had all my blood work done and everything looked great so I am a bit confused by all this. Just trying to see if anyone has experienced any of this at all.


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Hi Teeny5, I can lose weight if stressed, so it may be that causing it, but do mention to your doc, incase it's not !.. As for the drink , i rarely drink as after one or two i can be on the loo the next day, seems to go right through as it were, so i can't say i have noticed any of what you said with that one . Im sure some one else may have , and will let you know soon .. take care n best wishes..
I think it would be worth a visit to your Dr unplanned weight loss could be a sign your crohns is being more active or you could have picked up some viral infection.the drink thing I wouldn,t be bothered about being drunk or happily tipsy is a state of mind if i,m in a good mood with good company 2/3drinks i,m Mr happy other times I could drink a bucket load and i,m sober.good luck all the best