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Feeling rubbish and silly!!

Well, I started to get a few pains on Thursday but I didn't think much of it. Then on Friday I was just feeling a bit down and out of sorts. Then on saturday I woke up feeling unwell and spent the morning being sick! So turns out I caught another stomach bug (second one in 2012). Where I was retching so much there was blood in it, and I felt so awful I called NHS direct who told me to go to A&E. So I went, even though I felt a bit silly. And they just said, you have a stomach bug and sent me home.
So since then the pattern has been that I feel better in the afternoons and evenings and then worse again in the mornings. I have been trying to eat small amounts.
But today I have realised I have done something really silly!!!
This morning I woke up feeling a little bit sick, (haven't been sick) But with really bad watery diarrhoea. Then I suddenly thought... Is lucozade a laxative? I drink it when I feel sick because it tastes better than water and rehydrates as well as giving a bit of energy. I did a quick google search and I seem to be right! :(
I have drank it on several occasions like this and not noticed!
I am used to suddenly having diarrhoea but now I feel worse to think that I have caused it! Also my cousin is coming to visit me today and is staying a couple of nights, I have told her I'm not feeling well. But I'm really annoyed at myself, I might have been starting to recover today if I hadnt have drank all that lucozade! I have another three bottles left as well... :(
So sorry your feeling so crappy, but to an extent maybe it's a good thing that you've realised why and should hopefully now start feeling better soon? Lucozade is very dodgy stuff, well thats if we are talking about their glucose based fizzy drink anyway, particularly if you are losing liquids as it does not rehydrate you at all. if anything it upsets the balance and makes things worse. I do drink the lucozade sport light though and have found this has helped me in the past and that does contain things which can help with dehydration, which one do you drink? not sure if lucozade sport has s a laxative effect or not. anyway hope you are feeling better soon, and if you are worried about fluid loss have you tried something called dioralyte?
Yeah its the lucozade sport I drink. I've only done a quick search but read something about a high glucose level causing a laxative effect. I'm thinking maybe it wouldnt have such an effect if you eat things as well, but as it was basically all I had all day... It does say 'Its best when you are eating properly' on the bottle.
I think I have tried dioralyte before... Am I right in thinking it tastes disgusting?
I saw a home made recipe for a rehydration drink once, maybe I should try that. Or the nurse recommended lemonade which has gone flat!
It's not the nicest tasting thing in the world but it's drinkable and one cup full does the trick. there are a few different flavours, I've had the blackcurrant and natural one, imagine a cold beechams.

Not all shops have it but there is also a "lite" version of lucozade sport, this is the one i drink as it has far less sugar in it so won't have as great a laxative effect I would imagine.