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Feeling rundown

Does anyone else feel rundown towards the last two weeks before their next dosage? It’s been getting gradually worse. My provider is wanting a lab draw and will hopefully get me approved for getting a dose every 6 weeks.
#hedge - what biologic are you on and what is your dosage? Your dosage might need tweeking. When my son wasn't getting enough Remicade, he would start feeling bad a week or so prior to his next infusion. It's good that you are already in the process of finding out what your blood numbers look like and getting your dosage tweeked might be really helpful.
I am currently taking Stelara. My body built up antibodies to remicade and humira. I’m hoping my body isn’t doing that again
How long have you been on Stelara. How long did Remicade and Humira work for you? It is good that you are on top of it. Hopefully you won't have any problems getting approval.
Well since you haven't reached max dose with Stelara, hopefully upping it will make that difference and you can ride with it for awhile longer. Good luck. Keep us posted.


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I'm on a 90mg every 8 week schedule with Stelara, and I don't feel particularly rundown ay any point, but I do frequently have increasing symptoms (mild lower right quadrant abdominal pain) starting at about the 6 week mark. It goes away after I get the new dose.

As for antibodies, Stelara appears to be a lot less immungenic than the older biologics such as Remicade and Humira. Antibodies can still happen, but they are less likely to be the reason for any declining effectiveness of the drug.