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Feeling sorry for myself

So after last week getting the Predsol suppositories and the rectum pain settling down last night I had a really rough sleep and was very gassy and painful. This morning D starts off again and I made it to work just on time but have had multiple trips to the loo. Had to call GP re how the Predsol was going and he has ordered another stool sample to see if the Blastocystis is back [emoji22]. I am supposed to be on holidays from Thirsday and next week we r flying to Adelaide for a brief holiday and I'm worried I will have D and be unwell or on Flagyl and not be able to drink....we are going to wineries!!!! Aghhhh I want answers as to why this is going on [emoji45]
I am sorry. I hope your doctor can get you on the right mixture of medicines. I hope you are able to enjoy your trip
I am sorry to hear it
I am confused how fiber is helpful for some but not everyone. I have found soluble fiber helpful

I also think enzymes and probiotics help but it is sometimes dependent on the product
Firstly, I think it's fair to say most Crohns sufferers (including myself) have went through periods of feeling sorry for ourselves. This is normal as it can be hard coping with the condition at times.

I read an answer a user posted on a question on this site and it changed my outlook for the better. So i'm going to regurgitate what I read;
At the end of every day try to remind yourself of five things you have to be grateful for.
On bad days you may have to stretch and include things that people may tend to take for granted. For example on a bad day your list may consist of things such as; I can walk. On better days your list may look a lot different. This mindset helped me stop feeling sorry for myself and reminded me I have a lot to be grateful for.

The truth is i'm sure you have a lot to smile about- You're going on holiday. I hope all goes well. Good luck