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Feels like labour pain.

Hi Ladies
Do any of you get like labour pains when having a bm it does not happen all the time.
I am usually on the loo for about 30mins when it happens it leaves me with stomach pain for the rest of the day.
When I got sick in Dec/January I had some pains that felt like bad labor pains. They were bad pains and scared my mother. You might want to ask the doc to run a fecal cal test on you to check your numbers. I hope you feel better.
It happened during what I think was my first flair in Dec-Feb. We were visiting my mother, and after one bathroom episode I told her the pain was worse then anything associated with my C-section. At that point she started asking if she should take me to the emergency room.

My diagnosis is tentative at this point, but specialist sounds sure I have Crohn's. So far he's seen inflammation and pseudo polyps in my sigmoid colon.
Hi Kate
I hope you are feeling better also.
I am having a capsule endoscopy on the 4th July hope to get some answers then. My husband and I are going on holiday at the end of July hope nothing gets in the way of that.
First holiday in five years so keep your fingers crossed for me😁
Good luck! It sounds like my doc might do the capsule for me, depending on what he finds in the upper & lower scope in August. It sounds like a lot of people finally get diagnosed because of the capsule. Have fun on your holiday and fingers crossed all goes well!
Thanks I am a little disappointed as I have waited six months for an appointment but better safe than sorry don't want to pass this on it is quite painful at the moment.
Two friends have gotten shingles -- one in her 30s and the other in her 40s. Did they make another appointment for you?

I didn't know that shingles could be contagious. I hope you feel better quite soon. Are you still able to go on your vacation?
Hi Kate
Yes I have to go back on the 25th July at the same time 10am it does not effect my holiday thank goodness.
I was told by the IBD nurse that while I have the spots I can give someone chickenpox as it is the same virus.
Wild horses would not stop me from this holiday as both my husband and I are so looking forward to it.
I hope you are well.