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Feraheme for iron infusion

I searched the forum but came up empty. Does anyone have experience with receiving Feraheme for iron infusion therapy?

I just schedule my appointment for tomorrow, and I asked about how long it would take, expecting the answer to be in hours. The nurse told me they inject it over 17 seconds! Then you stay 1/2 hour to make sure you are tolerating it okay.

Had the Feraheme infusion and wanted to share so others can read about what it was like.

They started an IV with plain saline. The nurse walked out with what appeared to be a giant turkey baster full of black stuff and screwed it onto the port of my IV. She told me they push in fast. After a few seconds I started feeling a bit dizzy and sweaty, but I think it was probably just nerves and adrenalin. I have had so many adverse reactions to new meds that I was anticipating. She restarted it after about 30 seconds, and the rest was pushed without incident.

I then sat for 30 minutes with the saline IV and felt no further effects. Got my bandaid and went to get a haircut.

I did notice my stomach hurt for a couple of hours starting about an hour after the infusion. Don't know if it was related or not.

I have another infusion a week from today, then blood work 4 weeks after that. I will update this thread with any news of more energy or other effects that I notice, and with changes in bloodwork.
Started having markedly increased pain last night. Full disclosure: I have fibromyalgia too. Pain is all over, but lower back and joints are the worst. Tried Tylenol and Flexeril last night, and helped a little. One Percocet has knocked it down a little this morning, but not enough. Going to hit the heating pad for a while.
I realize that this thread is almost 2 years old, but figured I would add my thoughts.

I finished my 2nd Feraheme infusion two days ago, and it's like my world has changed. I really hadn't realized how tired/fatigued I was until I received treatment for anemia. I've woken up the past two mornings with a full appetite, the desire to hit the gym, and the ability to go through a full work day without needing to take a break/nap.

This was one of the best/fastest results of a drug I've seen to date (14 years).


I have had this and it restored my iron levels quickly and it was fast. It was a 15 min iron push for me and 30 minute observation period.