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Fever and pain! Is my cimzia causing it?

Hello!! I'm not new to the forum but I haven't posted anything yet.. So here's my first!

I was diagnosed with crohns in April of 2013 (fistulas and severe stenosis) and was put on cimzia 400mg every 4 weeks. It seemed to work for the first few months but now I can usually count on being sick every two weeks with some kind of infection and serious pain where my bowel is narrowed. I've taken cipro and flagyl a million times thanks to chronic fistulas, which I know have draining tubes placed in the area.. (Perianal unfortunately)

Anyways my questions/concerns are if anyone has the same issues with feeling dizzy, chills, severe fatigue and feverish often and how often should blood work be done if so? My GI is awesome but his staff is not so much so every time I call with a concern they brush it off like no big deal.. Help please!!


I would attribute most of that to the fistulas you're dealing with, unfortunately. And the only thing I can think of to help that is more Cipro/Flagyl, but then I know that welcomes other fun infections as well. :(

Your bloodwork should be done every month at first, and then every two months if you're on immunosuppressants/biologics. I would definitely recommend getting one with the symptoms you're experiencing now.