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My adult son, who has Crohn's on Inflectra (remicade biosimilar), developed a fever 101.3 today.
He has no other symptoms except some aches. It's been a while since he has had a fever and we're not sure of
when he needs to be seen or have tests. We did a home rapid Covid test which was negative .
He is waiting to hear back from the doctor's office.

Did your doctor instruct you when (what temp or symptoms) you need to be seen or have tests?

If you've had a fever on Remicade, what did you do?

I'm trying not to worry but he did have two hospitalizations in 2021 for cellulitis thought to
be related to Remicade.

He could just have caught a bug. My adult son is on Remicade and has a bug (low-grade fever with a bit of aches) - it all resolved itself. It had nothing to do with crohn's or remicade. Of course if it's an ongoing fever and isn't resolving itself, then maybe checking in with a health care professional would be a good idea.
He went to the walk-in and tested positive for the flu. He's feeling better today but very tired and now has a sore throat.
They prescribed the antiviral Tamiflu. Of note, he did have a flu shot a month or two ago.

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Glad he got tested and recieved tamiflu
Generally with any fever just notify the doc
That’s about it
They only hold the infusion if you still have a fever or need antibiotics close to infusion
Hope he feels better soon


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Oh, poor kiddo!! The flu is no fun. My older daughter who is on a biologic (one for arthritis, since she doesn't have Crohn's) and MTX, tested positive for COVID two weeks ago and her PCP said she was seeing a LOT of COVID and flu cases. She was put on Paxlovid and recovered pretty quickly.

In general, for fevers, we inform the GI/rheumatologist and then see the PCP. That's only for fevers over 100.5 F - one of my girls tends to have low grade fevers whenever her arthritis isn't well controlled, so we don't worry about low grade fevers. But they both would definitely let their docs know if their temp. was over 101 F.

Really hope he feels better soon!
My son’s GI and primary MD knew he had 101.3 and didn’t direct him to be seen. I made him go to walk-in care the next day when the fever continued. Luckily he is already feeling better.


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So glad he's feeling better! I'm kind of surprised his PCP didn't want to test for the flu with a fever. Ours tends to test for the flu or (if a sore throat is a symptom), strep.