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FEVER?? two days now?

I see the doc Monday but in the meantime, I am freaking out. Two days in a row I've ran a low grade fever (only 99.5-100.3) BUT I REALLY feel it. I am down and out when it spikes, and I pop a tylonol or two to get back to normal as I JUST started back the new school year and I can't be out the first week back! I rarely get these, and I am sure I am flaring (lots of pain too). How will the doc be able to tell if it's crohns related, and what kind of problem is going on? I had a colonoscopy a couple week ago and see the doc for results. Do you think he'd treat me with antibiotics or send me for more yucky tests? Thanks guys


Hi Kacey. Doesn't everyone get sick the first week back to school? :) If you think it's more than that, I suppose I would ring my GI and ask if any of your symptoms are concerning from a Crohn's perspective. The things I know that give you a fever and are Crohn's-related would likely require more yucky tests. :(
Thanks so much for the reply! The only reason that I don't think it's the usual fall flu is because I don't seem to have any other symptoms, except my usual crohnsie ones. I hate tests, man oh man I REALLY hate tests!
I'm curious what you found out. I'm going through something similar right now. Fine in the morning. Low grade fever in the afternoon (really weak/tired with it). A bit of an increase in pain, and loss of appetite. Let me know...


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When I would flare, one sure sign was I would run a low grade temp - right around 99. I would be calling the docs' office to talk to them.....
i get low fevers like that for months when i flare. I know I get fevers easily. I might be as simple as that.