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Fibrin glue treatment in UK?


Does anyone know of a place I can get a fibrin glue surgery for a high anal fistula in the UK?
Almost all the surgeons I met with wanted to lay it open.

I should mention that I am have not been checked for Crohns.

You should be checked for Crohn's, blood tests for inflammatory markers is simple and if raised colonoscopy next.

Nigel Hall in Cambridge used fibrin in my fistula, successfully - much to everyone's surprise.
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i'm not in the uk so can't help you with finding a surgeon but wanted to let you know that i had a fistula laid open a little over a month ago and it seems to have been successful. i don't have crohn's and i think you should definitely rule it out before you have any surgery cause the treatment is quite different. i had my inflammatory markers tested a couple of times and they were normal and also had a sigmoidoscopy during my surgery.

did you have an abscess first? my fistula was a low fistula and which followed a perianal abscess so it was laid open. if it ended up being a high fistula i would have had a cutting seton but my surgeon didn't know which option he was going to take until he was actually doing the surgery.
You could try giving St Marks in Harrow a call they specialise in Bowel issues and maybe be able to give you a named person there that you could speak to for advise good luck! Bev
you could try Henk Wegstapel who's at the Spire Alexandra near Rochester (so not too far outside of London).

He talked to me about fibrin glue and didn't advise it in my case

I had my abcess/fistula sutured 3.5 years ago and recently have had the problems return so I'm being admitted on Monday for another small op. Hopefully this will just mean having the sutres replaced but wont know for sure until they get in there and have a poke/prod about.

Although I've been living with a seton suture dangling out of my bum (to be honest it's not noticeable and I rarely if ever these days moon people) I have to say that I hardly think about it, which at the end of the day is as good as you can hope for following bum related surgery in my opinion